Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Portland, OR

A while back I was able to visit Portland, Oregon for work.  After work each day, I was off to see the sights and do some tax-free shopping ( you know you did some damage when the Coach store sends you a handwritten thank you card).  :-)

As any true old house junkie would have first stop was a nice afternoon walk (in the Portland rain) to Rejuvenation.  It was great to finally visit the store who sends me those catalogs that I have lusted over for years.....and who sold me my nicely crafted dining room light....and more recently some of my bathroom fixtures.  I was surprised to see the amount of hardware they have in the store that never makes it to the catalog.  I was happy to discover that they will mail those items if I have the stock, I spent some time writing down item numbers for future phone purchases. 

I also contemplated visiting Schoolhouse Electric which was a few miles further down the road.  But anyone familiar with downtown Portland....and the neighborhood of Rejuvenation....and the rain.....can tell you this is quite a walk.  So, I decided to skip it.  Now I wish I had gone. Oh well.

On my days off, I also drove up to Mount Hood & the Columbia Gorge.....and then to the Oregon Coast.  Wow, I was not prepared for the breathtaking scenery.  For anyone that has visited will see striking similarities.  Anyway, I have uploaded some of my photos to give you a break from all things old house.  Ok, with the exception of the photo of the sections log....which is old growth fir.  Yes, the same rock hard fir that many of us work so hard to save and restore in our houses.  I though it was an interesting visual.....the section of this trunk was as big as a truck trailer.

Anyway, enjoy :-)


jmm922 said...

I love those photos- how beautiful. And I would be so all over Rejuvenation if I were there too! Nice you got to fit some fun in on a work trip too.

fitzzer said...

Great photos - looks like a fun trip. ~ Lori

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