Wednesday, June 01, 2005


The plan was to take some time this evening to update my blog to show my most recent purchases.  But I got sucked into the Eagles Farwell 1 Tour on tv.   I might be dating myself, but I can't quite figure out when "my" music became the classics.  Ah, but I digress ;-)

Anywho.  I've been looking for a folding table to use in my kitchen for a while.  I've also been looking for a folding table to put my sewing machine on.  I like old ones because for the money, you can get a good solid wood table....and they have character.  

I hit a bit of a bonaza this past weekend.  While out on the town, I decided to stop into one of the local shops.  The owner is an older gentleman that finds old, broken furniture and makes basic repairs and resells it at reasonable prices.  We are not talking high end antiques here.....just good old work-horse type stuff.

I walked in the store and spotted a misson style phone stand that had been painted many times.  The hardware had been replaced with some cheesy brass stuff.  Ugly.  But, it was solid.  In pulling out the top drawer, I saw that it was hardwood (maybe oak).  I asked the owner how much he wanted for it.  $28.  :-)  I told him I'd take it. At that price even if I strip the paint off and it is horrible, I'm not out much.

On my way to pay for my new phone stand, I spotted a sewing machine table.  Birch top with folding metal legs.  It has a neat little door where the sewing machine can fit.  Company label on the underside of the table.  My guess is that it is from the late 1940's early 50's.  Cool.  $38.  Sold.

Ha.....the owner by now, spotting a patsy, mentioned to me he had a very cute, older folding table.  Motioned me over to look at it.  He was right.  It was bright yellow, and it was cute.  Had one of the those funky mechanisms where the legs folded underneath.  Nice smaller size.  Spindle legs.  Elm wood.  Perfect for using to can all of my garden loot later this summer.....and then fold away.  $44.  Sold.

So, I hauled my loot back to the nest.

I was able to remove the finish (keep the stain) from the sewing table.  I have some boiled linseed oil sinking into it now to "pop" the birch grain.  A few new coats of hand applied poly and we are good to go.

I plan to strip the phone stand.  I'll be curious to see what it looks like underneath. 

With the yellow table, I plan to strip the top to clear wood and paint the legs my "kitchen" red. 

Like I need more projects....... 


fitzzer said...

Nice. I'm so impressed that you actually FINISH your projects, quickly too. I always end up with mine sitting there patiently awaiting their completion! ~ Lori

stuccohouse said...

Oh, I have sadly mislead you if you think I finish these projects.  I'm one of those people that starts a bajillion things and then takes her own sweet time to finish them.  you should see my house right now :-)  It drives everyone I know crazy.

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