Tuesday, June 14, 2005


I absolutely underestimated how much work it was going to be to trim down all of the hedges surrounding my back yard.  It just didn't seem like that much green. I thought I could handle it alone.  I poo-pooed all offers to help.

Well, after going through that initial adrenaline rush of having a brand new lopper (yea, I know I'm wierd) and cutting down all of the last 7-10 yrs growth of every bush surrounding my property (50 or so), I was left with a pile of branches that completely covered my back driveway and loomed some 10 feet tall.

So, for an hour each day for the past two weeks.....I have been out there cutting down those branches into sizes that I can bundle and tie with rope.  Then I carefully set them by my trash bin in the desperate hope that the trash guys will take them and not leave me a nastygram rejecting them as too: a) unwieldly; b) heavy; c) wet; d) long; e) fill-in-the-blank.......for them to haul away.  So far so good.

Last Friday I discovered that my portable circular saw does an ok job of getting through the thicker trunks (3"+).  This has speeded up the process a bit.

But, on the positive side.....I now have some serious arm muscles and have lost about 5 pounds.  Who knew this was an aerobic workout?

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