Saturday, June 04, 2005


I woke up this morning to a loud sound on my roof.  A very loud sound.  Enough to wake me from a deep sleep at 6:20 am (I should mention, I am not a morning person).  This is the fourth or fifth time this has happened in the past two weeks.  I usually am pretty delirious and convince myself that it's not worth getting out of bed to investigate until some alarm goes off.

Today I was pissed. It is the weekend, and I wanted to sleep in.  So, I quickly changed and snuck outside to take a look.  Nothing was on the roof.  However, oddly enough there was crap hanging from the gutters.  When I looked down into the flower bed below, I also saw crap from the gutters in a pile.

Just as I was processing this, I heard a loud caw.  It would seem that the humongous crow that has been terrorizing our neighborhood wildlife has decided to clean my gutters.  Evidently, I had not completed this Spring clean-up task fast enough to satisfy him.

I'm thinking if I can train him to rake my leaves in the fall.......we will really be on to something.

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