Tuesday, May 17, 2005


If Noah rang my doorbell with the arc parked out front, it would not surprise me.  It has rained here for the last 40 days & 40 nights.   Okay, I exaggerate.  It has rained for the past two weeks, before that it was snowing.  Sigh. Life in Minnesota.  For goodness grief, I still have two wool blankets on my bed.


Last Saturday was particularly cruel.  The sun would come out and it would shine.  You would quickly scramble to do one of a hundred things on your “to do” list that was been put on hold during the weather.  You would get outside tools in hand….and even a bit of a smile on your face…..and down would come the rain.  The rain would be falling at the same time the sun was shining and there wasn’t even a rainbow.  This is character building weather.


Ok, so now you know my mood.  I got defiant.  I ran outside with my shovel and it started to rain….and I decided I didn’t care.  I was digging, by George, rain or shine.


I turned over the sod for my new garden.  It is ¾ the originally planned size due to the discovery of an electrical pipe (I knew it was there, just not angled in the way it was - see the little patch where I had to replace sod - oops).  After many calls I had decided earlier in the week that renting a tiller was beyond the scope of my capabilities and not worth the effort.  For the record, I may not have been correct on this.  Hand digging a garden is a lot of work…..3 hours worth.


At any rate, now the garden is dug.  The sod sits on a pile…because it is raining too hard to apply a spray of RoundUp.  Enough already, I want to plant the rest of my veggies.


fitzzer said...

Now that's dedication! WTG ~ Lori

jmm922 said...

I can relate- I have been known to be outside on 40 degree fall days digging up my canna bulbs for the year or covering my mums with blankies at night. Where there's a will....
I have dug many a bed and had an aching back too- but hey it beats running on a treadmill to me anyway!

Your yard looks very green though!!

stuccohouse said...

Yea, the non-stop rain has given the grass a kind of neon green glow.  It has also dawned on me that the combo of fertilizing for the first time in years and constant rain = a ton of mowing.  Oh well, its better than the dry patch that was back there last year.

I should also confess to anyone that thought I was dedicated in digging up that garden.....that it has since remained unchanged from the picture.  After an initial rush of ambition, I kind of slagged off.  But need to get out there so I can plant this weekend....finally.

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