Friday, May 13, 2005


I apologize for being such a slug in keeping up my blog this week.  A few times each year my allergy to trees, mold & flowers conspires to knock me to my knees.  This past week was one of those times. 

However, all was not lost.  Even when laying on my couch being whiney.....somehow my mind still runs at 1000% and can think up a thousand things to consider:

1) A Wednesday spent on the living room couch cemented in my mind that the living room needs a new color. Sure, I like the color it is now (Devine - Sundown), but it has never been just "right."  As if I don't have a thousand half-finished projects, it needs to be repainted.

2) Who knew rhubarb needed three years to become established?  This means it will be the summer of 2007 before I am able to can rhubarb or make rhubarb crisp again.  I am down to my last half bag of frozen loot from last year.  This really hit me yesterday when I  ran across a recipe for vanilla pudding and baked rhubarb in my new issue of Martha Stewart Living.  OMG, yum.  Between you and me (and to be fair it probably was the allergy hives/fever/Allegra speaking).....I briefly toyed with the idea of sneaking into the community garden and borrowing some of the rhubarb in full bloom.  Sadly, I get caught any time I try to do something, I had to drop that idea.

3)  I planted my tomatos last weekend.  I know, I know....too early.  But it was so unusually warm for a week or it seemed unthinkable that it would get cold again (never mind the fact that two weeks ago it snowed).  I'm sure my neighbors enjoyed me sneaking out each day this past week in my jammies to make sure those little Brandywines were holding on.

4) I also decided that I would like a chair rail in my bathroom.  Wallpaper above and either paint or tile below.  I will need advice on this one, so stay tuned for pictures and a desperate request for input.

5) Now if you will forgive me.....both the Farmers' Market and the Twin Cities Bungalow Club Kitchen tour are this weekend, so I have to go try to pull myself together for them.......


jmm922 said...

That sounds so fun a kitchen bungalow tour- will you be able to take pictures?  Have fun and hope your allergies subside- I know they are a pain. I get the sinus headaches sometimes myself.

stuccohouse said...

Will post more about the tour in a day or so. I didn't even think to bring a camera.  I did see a few people taking photos. I always think its a little brave of those howeowners to have a buch of strangers come through their homes.  Maybe I'm just a little paranoid.

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