Saturday, May 28, 2005

Loppers, etc.

For the record, today was not the day to go to Home Depot.  The phrase “jam packed” does not do justice to what I witnessed this afternoon.  Sometimes I just don’t think before hopping in my car and driving across town.


I was determined today to spend my $60 in gift cards before they expired (that would be just my luck).  So, even after seeing the teeming masses in the parking lot I decided to shop.


First stop was the garden shop to pick up a lopper.  My back hedges are going to be pruned.  My lilacs are going to be cut way back.  A whopper of a lopper was needed for the job.  I picked out the “pro” version that promised to cut 2” branches.  I spotted a “Garden Weasel” that seemed like a good idea, so I picked that up too.


Next stop was the garage door opener section. I wanted to pick their brains on my garage door/thief situation.  The sales guy was very knowledgeable on all kinds of openers.  When I told him my recent tale of woe, he sympathized.  Then much to my amusement instructed me in how to wire the remote keypad to give anyone that touched it a good jolt J  Sounds like my kind of fun (people messing with my stuff brings out the non-sympathetic side of me).


Last stop was the mulch area.  Sigh.  I feel like I have been buying this stuff or months.  I’ve now learned to totally disregard the advice on the bag as to how much area the bag will cover.  To say they are optimistic would be kind.  12 square feet coverage 2” deep… ass.  However, the guy working in this area called me “young lady” and this lifted my mood slightly.


Shopping done I went home to try out my new toys. 


Of course, the 5 bags of mulch covered somewhere in the ballpark of 3 square inches.  More is needed.  Enough said.


I moved on to my back yard (unidentified) bushes. They have not been pruned in many, many years.  Although we did trim them back last year from about 10 ft down to 6 ft.  This lopper tool was fun.  Before I knew it I had cut one of the bushes back almost to the ground.  It’s a little like trimming your own hair (girls, you know what I’m talking about here)….you start on one side…then cut the other side to even it…..then go back to the original side to even it…….  Three hours later, all 6 of the bushes were cut back to the ground.  Both the bushes and I were a little shocked by my ambition.


Last but not least, I took the Garden Weasel out for a spin in my newly dug garden.  I’m still killing off the sod and the GW did a good job of breaking up the dried sod chunks.  Now if it ever warms up and the sun comes out, I can plant.


Whew, now which of those restaurants around me deliver?  We deserve a little treat :-)

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