Monday, May 16, 2005

Kitchen Tour

Ok, the Kitchen Tour.  This tour was sponsored by the Twin Cities Bungalow Club.  They have sponsored a tour annually for as long as I have been a member.  It's a fun way to get ideas, meet your neighbors and keep interest going for bungalows (and other old houses).

This year there were 6 houses on the tour.  I did a bit of a speed tour in order to accommodate other plans.  I skipped one of the houses that was a little further out than the rest.

I've posted some pictures scanned from handouts given out by some of the homeowners.  It didn't dawn on me to bring a camera.  All but one house were restorations of kitchens that had been modernized by previous owners.  At least two of the houses were also included in Bungalow Nation (p. 126 & p. 142 - House #2 & House #4)

Some highlights...

I will start off by saying....these kitchens were small, I mean really small.  All of them ended up being tres cute and very functional.

House #1 - Had stunning custom oak cabinets...inset doors, no kick space, old style hardware.  You can't see it in the photos, but the idea I took away from this house was a very discreet stove exhaust hood that blended in with the plaster walls.

House #2 - This house had the original kitchen.  The homeowner stripped the birch cabinets of 8 layers of paint and then finished them with a stain and a hand rubbed poly.  This kitchen was no doubt my favorite because the cabinets were twins to the ones in my house, it had the old wall sink......and I am a sucker for an original kitchen.  They had just purchased a 1940's O'Keefe & Merritt stove.  The homeowner was nice enough to let me peek inside to get an idea of what needed to be restored in the old stoves.  I had come to the conclusion that I would never find an old stove in relaible condition in these parts......but seeing theirs sucked me right back in to wanting vintage. Sigh.  She had a cute very old style looking doorbell in the kitchen....that much to my surprise, she said she bought at TruValue. Huh.

House #3 - Was all about English Arts & Crafts.  It dawned on me that there is a whole other level of old house restoration that I will never reach as I toured this house.  Bradbury & Bradbury wallpaper abounded.   Furniture all had pedigree.  Two things of note (to me) in the house:  The owner had built in bookshelves in the upstairs expansion where I had been considering knee wall drawers....theirs had glass inset doors and looked spectaular.  Ooohhh, and he also had an old stove.  A 1930's Magic Chef.  I chatted with him about the stove, restoration, shipping costs......

House #4 - This was the Breakfast Nook house.  You could hear people gasping when they came in.  It was cute.  Very cute.  It had a rebuilt breakfast nook table & benches fit in the spot where the original had been ripped out.  The homeowner had also made a set of stained glass windows that were very impressive.

House #5 - Sorry, I skipped this house.  I wish I had been able to talk to the homeowners about their wood storms/screens.

House # 6 - Overall this was my favorite house (did I mention that most of the homeowners let you check out the rest of their house in addition to the kitchen?).  The house itself had a cozy feel.  They had found their original birch cabinets in the basement & garage. They had a friend build matching cabinets for the remaining walls.  Damn, I need friends like that.  They had added modern elements like open steel shelving for additional storage.  They had the mailbox that I have had my eye on, so I was able to check that out.  Again, I realized the whole other plateau out there for home restoration when I eavesdropped on homeowner/visitors planning to set up a pot luck for those who had "made the book" (I couldn't figure out what "book."  A Jane Powell or Bungalow Nation, no doubt).

At any rate, a fun fun day.  I'm hoping next year is the Bungalow Bathrooms tour......   


fitzzer said...

Beautiful. The wood is just amazing! ~ Lori

jmm922 said...

Really great synopsis- I can almost see them. Thank you!

happinessdreams said...

Beautiful! I love decorating and remodeling.

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