Monday, May 02, 2005

The Green, Green Grass of Home

In retrospect, it was a mistake.  A rookie error.


My lawn has had crab grass in areas. So in this, my first year of fertilizing, I chose the fertilizer with crab grass control.  I read the directions and applied it carefully to my entire yard.


The dandelions laughed at my mistake and took over the backyard and parts of the front.  Took it over with a vengeance.


It has now dawned on me that I probably should have purchase & applied the fertilizer with dandelion control for the whole lawn…and then spot applied the fertilizer with crab grass control to the small areas with crab grass.


In the light of day, it seems so obvious and logical. How did I miss that? It stings to be outsmarted by a pack of dandelions.

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