Tuesday, May 24, 2005

CSI Twin Cities

Big excitement here this past week at StuccoHouse. We have joined the ranks of Vegas, New York and Miami with our own crime scene investigation.

The StuccoHouse garage was broken into.

It should be noted, however, our little criminal may not be as sophisticated as what we would find on tv. Not by a long shot.

First clue is the fact that someone would envision anything of any value within the four walls of the humble little StuccoHouse car shack. This just makes me chuckle.

Second clue, is that he has been working on cracking the code to the keyless entry for a few weeks. Yes, he left little clues for me that he has been working on cracking this code nightly. Conveniently giving me plenty of time to chat with my security company :-)

Third clue, is that upon getting into the garage he took nothing. He either: 1) spotted the little trap laid out for him; 2) was satisfied with just getting the door open; or 3) wisely decided there was nothing there worth getting caught over. He left empty handed with the door open.

There are four people that know the code. One being me, two living out of town and one totally not interested in what I have in my garage. They have been pretty much eliminated as suspects...for now. No DNA tests needed. We do have other clues though.......

So, today (a very handsome, I might add) policeman stopped by take a written report. My job is to inform the neighborhood. He will let me know when & if the perp has been apprehended :-)

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