Tuesday, April 19, 2005

What a Deal

Had an excellent suggestion made by a reader in response to my post regarding purchasing a compost bin.  Ribonribo commented that many landfill areas sell compost bins at reduced prices.

So, given that info., I did a little research.  For those of you living in Anoka, Carver, Dakota, Hennepin, Ramsey or Washington county you can buy bins at a 57% discount - $30 (this includes a bin and a scrap bucket).  You order them online and then pick them up at designated county sites.

For Henepin County here are the pick-up details.   For you other counties, you might want to ask when you order.

Sigh - a much better deal than what I got :-(


paulbrazelton said...

We're in St. Paul and got one of those big black bins last year.  It's a bit too tall and narrow if you're into active working your compost, but for simply dumping all of your vegetable waste it's really quite nice.  I definitely recommend if you're on a budget or just getting into composting.

stuccohouse said...

Thanks for the feedback on those bins.  I'm new to this composting thing, so its nice to hear what others think.  The bin I ended up getting stacks, so when you want to turn the pile you take off the top stack...and place it down as the new bottom stack and then transfer the pile.  So, even though I paid 3x what the city bins cost....it sounds like I got a bit of a benefit :-)

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