Friday, April 08, 2005

Theme Walks

I live in a city filled with old houses.  Victorians, bungalows, tudors, foursquares, cape cods and ranches.  For the past few months I have been taking daily "theme walks."  I choose a topic to focus on for the day and walk a few miles paying special attention to that detail on the houses.

For example, today was mailboxes.  I walk up and down the streets looking at the mailboxes and collecting ideas.

My house needs a new mailbox.  Right now it has a wooden little "mail house" attached to the stairway railing.  Both thr railing and the mailbox were added by a previous owner.  It doesn't go particularly well with the house.  I would really like to have a mail slot that drops right into my house and I even have a spot where it would conceivably work.

So, for the past year or so, I have had my eye out for a 1920's style mail slot.  Surprisingly, they are hard to find.  I can find the big, shiny brass slots but they seem out of place.  I've seen a few reproductions, but they are unimpressive.  I'm looking for the solid (cast iron?) old style that has "letters" or "mail" stamped on the face.

Last year I put out and all points bulletin to everyone I know.  Please, please, please keep an eye out for an old mail slot.  Much to my excitement, one person delivered for me.  A nice big (not shiny) mail slot with the word "letters" imprinted on the face.

Then I made my sad discovery.  There are two types of mail slots.  One appropriate for a storm door (no flap) and one appropriate for wall installation (has a flap or spring that keeps out the weather).  I had the kind intented for a storm door.  Sigh.  I'm toying with the idea of using this storm door slot and adding an interior mail box like I had in my former condo (see picture above), but I'm not overly enthusiastic about this idea. 

So, once again this leaves me walking through the neighborhood trying to get an idea of what I can do about my mail...... 


erg1976 said...

eBay has TONS!  Just type in "mail slot" in your search.  I found a bunch.

stuccohouse said...

I have been watching Ebay :-)  I see two actual slots on there now.  One issue with the older slots (besides the previously mentioned wall vs door mount) is that they are quite small and don't work well for today's mail (i.e. 4" or 5" x 1").  I should have mentioned that the one my friend found for me was 9' x 1.5".

Its always something, huh?

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