Friday, April 15, 2005


Its amazing how totally motivated I can become to do house stuff when I have taxes to do and a deadline looming over my head.

In an effort to avoid doing my taxes and writing out that damn check, yesterday I fertilized my lawn.  I am new to this whole lawn care thing and I must admit my operation is a bit basic.  I have a (new) fertilizer spreader, one hose, one sprinkler and a push reel lawn mower.  So far, so good.

I also weeded my existing herb garden and the flower beds.  I noticed an azelea plant that has not flowered the entire time I have been in the house, has buds and looks ready to bloom.  And a few of my tulips are in bloom.  Of course, I am taking full credit for this :-)


pixiedustnme said...

Congrats on being an Editor's pick!

kourumotteware said...

Is that all you have to talk about...gardening? i honestly can't stand these types of journals. You totally overexuberate the fact of your physical day, and involve almost no emotion.

Why don't you put some pride and passion into your writings. Im kinda tired of hearing about flowers blooming. Maybe i'd enjoy it more if you could use analogies...describe things better i dunno. I really show no interest in reading this.

I tell what i think, and honestly you can criticise my work just as much as i have yours...

stuccohouse said...

Kour - This is a blog about old house restoration ;-)  Not too much passion and controversy...unless maybe the topic of vinyl replacement windows or ripping out original cabinets comes up.  Sorry.  I see you left your link for those than need a little more of a thrill ;-)

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