Saturday, April 30, 2005

Survival of the Fittest

Apparantly my yard, which during the day seems so benign, at night turns into some type of National Geographic "Survival of the Fittest."  As you will recall, one of my little friends recently met an untimely and kind of loud death outside my house last month. 

Well, for the past few weeks I have been discovering various other carnage outside of my house.  Last week a stripped to the carcass pile of what was once a my backyard gate.  Today, a tail and stripped carnage of what was once a my front steps.  Did I say how much this freaks me out?!  I can handle a lot, but little dead bodies on my front doorstep does not fall in that list.  I shoveled the dead bird out of the way and gagged for an hour after. The squirrel is staying where it is in the hopes that some dog will drag it off.  I'm also trying hard not to take this all personally in an animal "mafia message on your doorstep" sort of way.

I was blaming the neighborhood racoon, but as I was edging my lawn today I watched in amazement as a HUGE crow flew over my head shrieking and then tried to take out a squirrel climbing up the trunk of a tree.  (I'll pause here to admit that there was some small amusement on my part in the hopes that this was the squirrel that bit the top off my tulips - what goes around, comes around.)

I'm a little nervous to see how this all plays out.  For goodness sake, I live in the middle of the city.  This kind of stuff isn't suppose to happen here.


mccine said...

This about the 3rd story I have heard about crows and squirrels. I read one account in our daily paper the Chicago Sun Times observed by a journalist. My sister claims she saw a squirrel and crow fighting around in a yard. She could hardly believe her eyes. As I recall the crow seem to fly around and peck, in a cart wheeling type of motion, while the squirrel seemed to be doing a one- two punch type of thing. I really enjoy your journal.

wgnetwork said...

When I was walking through Hyde Park in London years back I witnessed one of the pelicans eat a pigeon. It just gulped the thing up as it walked beside it. I never thought that a pelican would eat pigeons!
Maybe you should make your delinquent squirrel eat crow.......

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