Saturday, April 02, 2005

Slow Progress

As promised, here is a photo of the mostly refinished door of my kitchen chimney cabinet.   It turned out quite nice, I think.  The photo is about halfway through the refinishing process (the inset panel still needed a few coats), but shows the end color.

I stripped two layers of paint off of it.  This doesn't sound like much work, but the first layer of paint was a bear to get off.  The wood turned out to be birch, as I suspected.  I then used amber shellac in a 2# cut adding multiple thin layers (4 or 5).  When dried, I hand rubbed down the shine to a nice warm glow.  The hardware also shined up well.......even though I didn't remove it for fear of the door becoming misaligned.

Obviously, I still have the rest of the cabinet to strip.  I've been putting this off in hopes that the weather turns warmer and I can do this nasty business outside.  I also need to cut new shelves for the interior (it had been converted into a coat rack inside).  I'm going to paint the interior a cherry red....and continue shellacing the exterior.  I've also had my eye out for a cute crocheted lace design to crochet for the edge of each shelf showing through the door. 

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