Saturday, April 16, 2005

Please, Don't Eat The.....Tulips

I'm ticked.  Really, really ticked. 

It's raining outside today, but I ran around to the back yard to return a tool to my garage.  As I ran back for my front door, I saw them.

There laying on the ground were the heads of all of my tulip flowers. The tulips I was so excited to see last week.  The squirrel that lives in my backyard had chewed the heads off just for sport.

He has crossed the line.


clean1096 said...

Better your tulips then the wiring harness of your car ......two years in a row now the squirels have attacked my car and it has cost me 800 dollars to fix it .......yep they crossed the line .......Calling Ellmer Fund ..........he's going squirrel hunting !!!.............Diane

jcole16757 said...

Congrats on making Editor's top picks list! :)

hestiahomeschool said...

and I just posted an entry on how to handtame them.  :-)

Come visit our daily blog !

delela1 said...

Uh oh!  Nothing worse than an errant squirrel.

Well, congrats on making the Editor's list!


mlrhjeh said...

BAD, BAD SQUiRReL!!!!!!!!!!

Congrats on being a pick this week.

Enjoyed your journal~

Mary Louise of Watching My Sister...Disappear

stuccohouse said...

I sprayed the tulips in my front yard with pepper wax spray, so hopefully this will keep them safe.

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