Wednesday, April 27, 2005

No Man's Land

My backyard is fenced in. The PO owner added the all accounts for her dogs.  On the north and east sides of the yard a hedge is enclosed in the fence.  On the south side of the yard there are two rows of lilacs on the other side of the fence.  The lilac bushes are very tall....very tall.  In the Spring it is nice because the lilac flowers spill over the fence into my yard.

I've never been sure whose lilac bushes they are....mine or my neighbor's.  They seemed pretty far outside of the fence to be mine, but then again I can't imagine how the fence could have been built to include them (there is also a huge oak tree smack dab in the middle - but that's another blog for another day).  I was hesitant to ask....because there is also a fairly big pile of leaves from years gone past laying in that no-man's land that I really (really) didn't want to be responsible for.  So, whenever I cut flowers.....I did it on the sly :-)

The bushes on all sides of the yard were quite tall when I bought the place.  And as I worked on more pressing issues, they grew even taller over the past two summers.  Last summer it was to the point where I had total privacy in my backyard (which was nice), but almost no sunlight (which was not so nice).  My then-bf cut down the hedges on the north and east sides to fence height - which was quite a job.  However, I didn't want to step on my neighbor's the lilacs were left alone.  They now are about 10ft tall, and I have plans for a garden that will need to see some sun.

Just so happened by neighbor was outside in his backyard today (he has an awesome garden every year) working.  I decided to broach the topic of the lilacs.  Much to my relief.....he was wondering the same thing.  We agreed that he would handle the row on his side.....and I'd take the row nearest me.  We decided on fence height....after they are done blooming.  Yea!......some more sun for my backyard!!

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