Friday, April 29, 2005

New Addition

Let's just pretend for a moment that I am somewhere near the time where I will be restoring my bathroom.  Let's pretend that there are no other projects before it in line.  If we pretend.....then I can enjoy the deal I found today.

Yesterday I went to a local salvage store.  This place is messy, unorganized, overpriced, and the help is often just plain surly.  Things are piled on top of each other and you get the feeling....dump or store...they don't care.  But, every so often I go in just to look.  There piled in a corner was a grubby, old medicine cabinet.  It caught my eye because at 28" x 30" it was fairly large...and it had all of its original parts (albeit, under many layers of gross paint).  It needed a lot of work and they were asking $ I walked on by.  But on my way out the front door, I saw a sign advertising a 50% off sale starting today.

I woke up this morning and remembered the sale.  I told myself that if.....after I went to get my coffee....and I drove over there....and it was still there.....and it was, in fact, 50% off......I was allowed to buy it.  Sure enough, this morning there it sat.  So, for $40.13 I am now the proud owner of a new medicine cabinet.

It will be months before I get to working on my bathroom (and the exisiting horrific, yet oh-so-large medicine cabinet).......but its hard to pass up a deal :-)


fitzzer said...

It's beautiful - what a great find! ~ Lori

mer10ant said...

oooohh...i'm so jealous! our overpriced salvage yard has a few that even more ridiculously costly (try 150 for effing sakes)...i'd say you scored big!

stuccohouse said...

Yea, realistically I know that new cabinets sell for $300-400-and up.  So with that in mind, $75 doesn't sound like much.  Supply & demand.  But, there is part of me that looks at the condition, and the materials, and the 5 or 6 hours it will take to get this back in shape......and I just can't pay that.  

I gladly support antique stores and salvage shops that have a genuine interest in saving this stuff from the dump, like old stuff and want to make a reasonable profit for their efforts.  I'm a pretty frequent visitor/purchaser at those places :-)  
But I have a bit of an attitude about places that mark things up substantially because it is a "hot" item. I can be a little idealistic on these things....but it also adds a little of a thrill to the hunt.

jmm922 said...

It's great- so big and classic style. Very good price too! Way to go. Don't feel bad it's going to sit. We bought a swing door for our kitchen 2 years ago and it sat all that time. We will be installing it in the next month. Last summer I stripped it and stained it and refreshed the door hardware and it has been waiting patiently since then.

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