Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Nancy Drew

I wish Nancy Drew was my friend.  She was a wiz at solving the original bungalow mystery.  I'd like to invite her to my house.  I suspect she could solve a few of my bungalow mysteries.

~What is that brown paper bag type paper on the walls in the guest room closet under the paint?

~Why is there a security sticker on the top pane of the window in the attic?

~Was there a wall sink in the bathroom originally?

~Why are some of the plaster walls in the house randomly smooth while others are bumpy....even though it appears that the plaster was never repaired?

~What's up with the creepy amount of blood-red painted woodwork I have been discovering as I have been stripping paint?

~What is under that hollow sounding, concrete covered, patched area in the basement floor?  Please tell me no bodies are buried there.

~Why didn't they use a corner wall sink in the kitchen?  I love the old sink, but the corner wall sure takes a beating.

~Why does the coat closet have different baseboard and toe shoe than the rest of the living room?

~Where was the oringinal stove located in the kitchen?  I see where the vent pipe went...but based on the phantom lines in the plaster, it looks like there was some type of cabinet directly below the vent. 

~What are those phantom lines on the floor in the basement that I stare at for hours?  A canning storage area, a second work bench, a coal storage area (although I think that's what the other closet was)...?

~Why does the office/bedroom have different wood trim around the windows?  It appears to be the same era as the rest, just has the beveled edge.....

~Where are those damn bats getting into the eaves?! 

~What did the upstairs look like before it was refinished? 

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