Saturday, April 09, 2005

Books, Books & More Books

Unfortunatley, I already own most of these books so this little deal comes too late for me.  I was reading a magazine yesterday and ran across an ad for the Archtiects & Designers Book Club (the print ad in Old House Interiors had a few more books). It appears to be a Doubleday company.

3 books for $1.99 & s/h each and a promise to buy one more in the next year.  They carry Nash's Renovating Old Houses,  Powell's Bungalow,  titles from Taunten and many of the other old house standbys.  Two years ago I paid $32 for my copy of Nash.

Many of us end up buying these books, so I thought I'd share :-)  Heck, I may even give this a try.......

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