Monday, April 04, 2005


Daylight savings - yeah!  Allergy season - Boo!

My excitement over finally seeing daylight for an extended period of time was tempered by allergy season also appearing with a vengance.

I had big plans for getting a lot of house stuff accomplished this past weekend.....most of which were sidelined while I felt crappy due to allergies.  I got by relatively easy last year, but this year is already indicating it is going to be very harsh.  I took shots for many years....then sublingual drops.....but have been lucky enough to be able to get by with just meds for the past few years.

I decided to spend my weekend doing some Spring cleaning.  Oprah did a show a while back on cleaning your house.  It was a good reminder.  Each Spring I wash my walls down with hot Dreft water.  They may be unpainted, patched and/or cracked....but, by George, they are clean.

I also have a major "thing" about dust mites.  They freak me out.  They also make me sick.  My pillows were about up for replacement, so I drove over to the Land's End outlet in St. Paul on Sunday.  In the back clearance section I was able to find 2 top-of-the-line primaloft pillows and a pillow-top matress pad :-)  All on clearance....with an additional 30% off with my Lighthouse Club Card.  Total price = $45.

For anyone else suffering from allergies in an old house, this link may be very helpful.  I love their mattress & pillow covers.

....and, of course, there is always Allegra.

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