Saturday, March 19, 2005


I hope to dash off a few quick errands today and then finish up a few quick projects.....

After, I shovel the 5" of snow we received.   Sigh.  I thought Spring was on it's way.

Anyway, this morning I'm going to order the repro black ceramic towel ring for my bathroom.  After much hunting, a few months ago I was able to find vintage set in a local antique store.  The set has a toilet paper holder, towel bar, soap holder and cup holder.   

Also placed an order for Tuffide and Tuffcote.  This summer I plan on encapsulating the asbestos insulation on my heating ventwork in the basement.  When you order, you are at the mercy of what they have on hand colorwise (they sell mostly to contractors who place special orders).  They had a light grey in stock, so I figured I had better take advantage of that.  I figured otherwise I'd end up with the neon orange.....knowing my luck.  The company assured me the product could sit a few months.

My second radon test came back yesterday.  The score was 1.9 pCi/L which is significantly lower than the first test (two done at the same time and averaged) score of 4.1 oCi/L.  Good news, I guess.....but the difference in the scores bothers me.  I'm going to sit on this for a while.

Finally, I'm about finished removing the paint from the door of the chimney cabinet I bought a few weeks ago.  I normally would just let the old paint on the piece, but it was peeling badly and we lead paint.  Not something you want in your kitchen.  The plan is to shellac the exterior with an amber shellac to match my kitchen cabinets.  Hopefully,  I can get the final specs of paint off the door and one coat of shellac on this afternoon.


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