Monday, March 07, 2005

Laundry Chute

In the process of cleaning up my hallway closet, I discovered a laundry chute. It's a little square hole in the floor to the basement laundry area. I've often wondered if there was a cover on the hole...and if so, what it looked like.  There is no evidence of harware holes on the floor surrounding the chute, but there are hooks on the bottom of the shelf directly above the hole. It's been an ongoing mystery.

In my mind I maintain a list (as do most other old house owners, I suspect) of things to watch out for - in magazines, in stores, online, etc.  On my list, is a laundry chute cover.

Well, low and behold I ran across a cover that would fit perfectly (link no longer good) on the existing chute.  The catch?  Direct from France it costs a mere $855 (for the low end model).  I had a good chuckle at the outrageousness of it all......and then added the link to my IE list of Favorites. You see what is coming here, don't you?)

For the past few months I have been hearing a very soft voice calling me from my Favorites list. "StuccoHouse.......we have the perfect laundry chute cover for you.....see how perfectly it fits? even has a push $855 really so much to pay for something so fine?.....just take a look at the picture one more time...."

I can't believe it. I'm actually to the point where I am seriously considering this. Is it crazy to spend that kind of money on something that goes on the floor in your hallway closet?

1 comment:

Karen Anne said...

My grandparents had a laundry chute but I remember it being in a wall. In the floor sounds somewhat scary.

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