Monday, March 14, 2005


Imagine for a moment the little Dutch boy standing with his finger plugging the hole in the dyke and saving his town in Holland from being flooded.

Now, picture me standing in my kitchen...staring up at the acoustic tiles on the ceiling.....holding an asbestos test kit.

Same story.  Different country.  Different century.

I suspect the acoustic tiles in my kitchen may contain asbestos.  This morning I sent in the asbestos test kit sample for testing.  I should have the results in a week or so.

If it comes back negative, I think I will try to rip down the existing ceiling and put up a tin ceiling.  I already know from peeking in at the light fixture that the old ceiling is long gone.  If the results come back positive, I will need to decide if I will just cover it (and be able to cope knowing what is beneath)....or have it abated.

Either way.....once the ceiling is done I can: 1) put up the wallpaper that I have now had sitting in my dining room for two years, 2) paint, install the new lights I have also sitting in my dining room, 3) have cabinets build that will match the existing vintage cabinets (to replace the original that was torn out on the side of my stove), hide a drawer dishwasher in one of the above mentioned new cabinets.

It would be nice to have a normal kitchen.

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