Monday, March 28, 2005


If there is such a thing as adult onset ADD, I certainly have developed it.  Or maybe I've always had it and just never noticed.  These symptoms go beyond Spring fever.

I signed on to put a quick entry into the StuccoHouse blog.

Two hours later, I have:

**Located & downloaded a live version of a Counting Crows song I heard last summer at an outdoor concert (Someone to Watch Over Me - King of Pain).

**Contemplated how someone as flaky as Adam Duritz can write such decent songs.  And what this says about me that I like them.

**Ordered two new pair of jeans (smaller - teehee).

**Emailed friends.

**Scoured over yellow color paint online to repaint my livingroom.  I decided my livingroom's current color (although I like it a lot) is too dark and it's depressing me.

**Went upstairs and took a look at my newly painted upstairs bedroom to get a look at it in daylight.  It might be a bit too perriwinkle and may need more cream. (More on this topic later).

**Once again, eyed the iPod photo.  Then spent a few minutes trying to justify one.

So, here I am sitting now at my blog too tired and hungry to post something house related.

I promise....later this week pictures of the new shellac finish on the door to my chimney cabinet.  It's turning out very nice.......

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