Tuesday, March 29, 2005


Ok, this is really neat stuff.  DAP Elastopatch.

I have been patching cracks in the corners of my plaster walls since I moved into my house.  This stuff works amazingly.  You apply it in the corner and then smooth it out with a gloved finger.  When it dries it stays flexible, so the cracks do not reappear.  It paints nicely.  My house has been crack free for year or so now :-)

Keep in mind that not only are those cracks unsightly, but in cold climates the cracks let a lot of heated air escape (I learned this from my energy audit's infrared reading).

At any rate, Elastopatch can be a bit tricky to track down lately.  A few paint places carry it.  I also found it at Sherwin Williams stores, but they said they wouldn't be restocking it.  You can also order it online.

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