Wednesday, March 16, 2005


I'll have a little free time this afternoon, so I thought what I'd do is a little painting in my office.  A while ago I bought a "wall treatment" called Magnetic Creations.  It is a coating you paint on the wall that allows magnets to stick to it.

Cool, huh?  I'm a sucker for stuff like this. 

At any rate, instructions say to paint this coating on in two to four coats.  Let dry and then paint over with the paint of your choice.  No one knows its there, but you.  I was a bit concerned that it may affect my computer or other electronic equipment, but have discovered that this is essentially a coating of bits of iron that is *not* a magnet, but is receptive to magnets (i.e. a big refrigerator door).

And who can't use some more "refridgerator door" to hang their photos?!

Magnetic Creations
GPM — c/o Magnetic Creations
Cary, IL
Toll Free Phone: 800-850-0113

Update:  Since House in Progress mentioned wanting a review of magnetic, I thought I'd add an update to my original entry.  The magnetic paint was pretty easy to use.  It was really, really thick and needed a lot more stirring than the 20 seconds mentioned in the instructions.  Of course, this also could be because it sat in my basement for over a year.  I had purchased the "refill" container of paint, so I didn't have the official Magnetic Creations roller.  I used a 4" roller with a .25" nap and it worked fine. 

I had taped off the wall when I got to thinking......I'd only be using the middle portion of the wall to hang, I ended up only painting from the door top down to about 24" up from the floor.  The stuff is really thick, so you have to work a bit more than regular paint to get an even coat.  It dries surprisingly fast.  I put on two coats and may add one more before I paint.  Yeah, and magnets *do* work.  Not as strong as a fridge door, but enough to keep papers & pictures suspended.  

Clean up was easy with water & soap.  The stuff does stink and gave me a throat burn (yea, I know...where was my mask) you might want to wait for a day when you can have windows open.  I'm now considering putting a small square up my stairs and in my kitchen (for recipes).......    

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