Friday, February 18, 2005


Every now and then a tv show appears in the lineup that has something of interest to old house owners.  "Everyone Loves Raymond" has the great old stove.  "I'll Fly Away" had my old 1950's refridgerator.  While the rest of the world follows the show's plot, we check out the house.

Well, I have a new one on my list. The new show "NUMB3RS" on CBS Friday nights.  The father's house has some very nice a a&c items.  So, far I've seen the diningroom (look at that buffet!) and the kitchen (great with the exception of the ugly dishwasher). The furniture and lights are also pretty spiffy.  I keep missing the scene where they show the outside of the house.  But I'm thinking large bungalow, foursquare or prairie. 

Besides its actually a pretty good show. The math genius reminds me of my grad school statistics teacher.

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