Tuesday, February 01, 2005


I finished restaining and finishing the crown molding in my living room. When I moved into my house the crown molding and base molding in both the dining room and living room looked faded. Mysteriously, there was also no finish on the wood.

I have wondered, while laying on my couch watching tv, if one of the previous owners stripped paint off the crown and then just reinstalled it. We will probably never know.

At any rate, I restained and shellaced the base molding in both rooms as my very first house project. I redid the dining room last summer and finished the living room this week. It looks nice. The only thing I have left to do in those two rooms is add a base shoe to the base molding.

Sometimes its easy to forget these small projects that you do along the way and then never have to think about again. You forget what was there and what you have accomplished.

I have a long list of things to do for my house. Sometimes that becomes your focus and you think you will never finish. I take an enormous amount of pictures and notes while I complete my projects. Still, its amazingly easy to forget (sometimes this is a blessing when faces with new projects).
So, this week I think I'm just going to enjoy these two rooms and remember:

......patching the cat pee stains on the floor, sanding & refinishing the floor, patching plaster everywhere, painting, cleaning wood, finding the new dining room light (and getting it properly installed), tracking down the locksmith who didn't insist the living room door needed to be replaced - finding a new door set - having it installed, weatherproofing all 17 windows, repairing & reglazing the storms, getting the telephone cord that ran up through a hole in the floor back on the wall, replacing the old wiring, finding new electrical outlet face plates to replace the cream plastic ones, cleaning out the heat vents & returns (gag), finding curtains & hardware that fit the windows (and removing the aluminum blinds)........

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