Thursday, February 03, 2005


Most of my magazines are up for renewal. Seems when I moved into this house I went through a phase of house magazines. I need to decide which to dump, which to continue, and which to order new. Here is thought process so far.....

Before House: Instyle. Cosmo. Glamour. The Economist (I'm an international politics geek). Worth. Travel (my before house hobby). National Geographic.

Current: Old House Journal. American Bungalow. Martha Stewart Living. Martha Stewart Food. Midwest Living (yawn).

New Mags Being Considered: This Old House (hate the show, but have found the mag. helpful), Cottage Living, Southern Living. Fine Homebuilding (interesting, but expensive).

Mags That I Renew Automatically: Martha Stewart Living (sigh, I love that magazine).

Mags That I Buy Off the Rack and to Which I Should Probably Just Subscribe: InStyle.

Mag I Wish Existed, But Doesn't (and not at all related to old houses): A Lonely Planet/Let's Go type travel.

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Christopher Busta-Peck said...

Fine Homebuilding is great, but too much of the information I want happens to be in back issues. (I think this may stem from being a librarian and wanting every bit of knowledge ever, right now.)

I've looked on eBay, and it seems you can buy a complete run, with the exception of the first two years and the last two years (give or take) for what three or four years might cost in the form of a subscription.

Alternately, you could head to your local public library as needed. =)

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