Saturday, February 26, 2005

Chimney Cabinet

Saturday mornings I usually run out to get my morning latte & a paper.  Sometimes I'll take a swing by the local antique stores on the way home and see what they have sitting outside.  If something catches my attention from the street, I'll stop.

Today I spotted a freestanding, painted chimney cabinet standing outside my favorite store.  I stopped, took a quick swing through the store, chatted with the owner and then stopped on my way out to look at the piece.  It was cute.  About 6 ft tall.  Paint was peeling and the shelves were missing, but it was a charming piece.  A little glass window on the front door.  Decent price.  It wasn't what I have been picturing in my kitchen, though, so I decided to go home.

Got home and started reading the paper.  I kept thinking about how cute that little cabinet would look repainted (or with shellac), with crocheted lace on the shelf edges and my Fire King & Sargadelos dishes peeking out the window.  Maybe some vintage wallpaper inside.  If I decided not to use it in my kitchen as some point, it would easily fit in another room.  I knew I'd live to regret it if I didn't go back and buy it.

Hopped in my car and drove back to the store.  Chatted with the owner about what he knew about it.  1920-30's - probably maple.  He offered me a nice deal (which he really didn't need to do because I'm sure he could tell I had made up my mind).  I bought it :-)

Once again, it sucks not to have a truck to haul my loot home.  But then again, its probably safer that it's not too easy. 

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