Sunday, January 09, 2005

New (to me) Desk

There is a little antique store that I drive by with some frequency (Timelines for those in my neck it the woods). The owner puts newer pieces out on the sidewalk for those driving by to see. This is often enough to have me swerving out of traffic and pulling to stop in front of his place.

Friday I was out running work errands and out of the corner of my eye I spotted what I thought was a telephone stand. Also saw a mission daybed. So, I pulled over to take a closer look. No such was a cute 1920's nightstand. I figured while I was there, I'd make a quick swoop through the store (this is the place where I found my black ceramic towel, et al fixtures for my bathroom). I strolled through the front to the back little closet......and saw IT.

I have been looking on and off for a small desk to use for paying bills, etc. in my bedroom. There sat a little oak desk with carved wood decoration. It had a small brass rail on top and brass piece decoration on the legs and keyhole. I got a little panicky. It was very unusual for oak. I called the owner over to chat. He had just received the piece the day before. Didn't know much about it. Had the original key. We tried to figure out if it had been lightened (the jury is still out). Another customer sensed my interest and come over to see what we were talking about. I think I actually started sweating :-) I bought it. Haha....I paid for it before I even walked through the rest of the store just to make sure.

It sucks to be weak and have a small car.....I had to leave the desk at the store until I could round up some help. Today I brought it home. It is decidedly not Mission. Early 1900's I suspect. The oak goes nicely with the rest of my house, I think. For now, it is going to sit in a corner of my dining room.

Oh, and the mission daybed/couch that I saw was a Stickley Brothers. Original leather cushions. I suspect it was snatched up.....but if you know the place and like Mission, you may want to give it a look.

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