Monday, January 10, 2005


Last year my mom and I went to hear a short talk given by Jane Powell to promote her new book "Linoleum" (she's also the author or "Bungalow Bathrooms" and Bugalow Kitchens"). We are talking about the real stuff made with linseed oil, etc and not the vinyl floors that some people mistakenly call "linoleum." What caught our attention were the slides she showed of the old linoleum designs and insets. She also had slides of new linoleum floors with funky designs cut into the floor.

So, when my mom started redoing her 1950's ranch and came to the kitchen floor.....linoleum was one of her choices. She ordered samples of Marmoleum. The samples came and they were so pretty. Also, impressive was the fact that the material is hyopallergenic (important in a family with allergies). So, she went about the task of ordering the floor.

In the process, she mentioned the cut-in designs to the place she was ordering from......and low and behold.....they had the name of someone locally who does that kind of work.

Well, the floor is complete. It is a sage green with a neat, simple cream colored strip that runs in a rectangle in the center of the room. It is perfect and unusual for the small kitchen floor. My mom waxed it for the first time this week and it gives of a nice, soft glow.

If I didn't already have wood floors in my kitchen, I'd be giving serious though to linoleum.

If anyone is interested in the name of someone who hand inlays linoleum, drop me an email or post a comment......and I will forward his name & number. I figure this kind of old school craftsperson should be promoted whenever possible :-)

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