Sunday, January 30, 2005

Grocery Store

I have a few grocery stores in my neighborhood. Although, the one I really like to go to is a few miles away. It has a better selection of ethnic food. Yum.

The down side of this place is that it has been the site of some fairly seedy events recently. This summer, a gun shot body was dropped off at the front door. Yikes. Police cars in front is a pretty regular sight.

When you shop there, you get your stuff and go home. There is no socializing in produce. No chatting in the bakery. You keep your keys in hand when you walk to your car if you are alone and its dark. Not overly scary, but not relaxing.

On friday I stopped there to pick up a bunch of dried beans (I'm canning soup today). On my way out to my car a guy sized me up (although I was more focused on the multiple tattoos on his neck) and asked me out. He appeared to be in the process of stealing a shopping cart to get his purchases home when he paused to talk to me.

Imagine my alarm when for the briefest of moments I thought......I wonder if he knows how to install lights.

It has come to that :-)

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