Monday, January 03, 2005


The Burpee catalog arrived today.  I don’t know the first thing about gardening. I can grow herbs and that’s it.  Last year I tried my hand at vegetable gardening at a friend’s house.  That venture ended abruptly with early tomato blight and an August freeze.  A freezer full of pesto, a few heads of broccoli and some zucchini is all I had to show for the season. 


One small benefit of the vegetable garden experience is that I learned how to can while I waited for the veggies that never came.  Turns out I am good at canning and like it.  I also had good luck with drying herbs and making them into meat rubs.  A nice Christmas gift.  I’ve decided it would be a whole lot more fun if the produce came from my garden instead of the farmer’s market.


So, this year I think I will try the vegetable garden again.  I’m even considering digging up a proper garden in my tiny back yard.  I want tomatoes, basil, oregano, dill, broccoli, beans, zucchini, cilantro and peppers.  At least.  What are the chances of an August freeze two years in a row?  How deep do I need to dig to make  garden? Do I have room for all of this?


I’d also love to have a pretty flower garden in my front and back yard.  Right now I have a hydrangea in the front of my house the blooms pretty regularly.  There is some phlox scattered and clematis on the side of my house that finally bloomed last year.  A few tulips that come up in an odd little gardenette front of my house.  And then there are hostas.  Way too many hostas.  These were all planted by previous owners and have managed to survive in spite of me.  I spent the first two years watching what came up and spending a lot of time playing the “flower or weed” guessing game. The concepts of zone, exposure, water, soil acidity, height, etc. all seem so complicated. 


The vegetables seem doable, maybe.  The flowers have me stumped. 

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p00ky72 said...

Hey, how did the garden thingie go? I am a telephone operator at W. Atlee Burpee and Company. Just touching base as our season for delivery is ending, and Whoops.. George just walked by! He's kind of like the Wizard of Oz. Unless you work in the front offices, I rarely see him. But he's a nice man.

Anyway, good luck with the veggies!

p00ky72-(AIM only)

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