Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Big Box Stores

In theory it's a really good idea. A big, clean, well lit warehouse filled with everything needed for repair and maintenance of a house. Staffed by knowledgable people ready to help customers.

In reality, for an old house owner a trip to a big box store is usually a lot like my oh-so-frustrating visit today. I was looking for an asbestos testing kit (see my website for the kitchen ceiling tale).

You park a mile from the store. You walk up an down the aisles looking for the department you need. Then you walk up and down the aisles looking for someone to help. You walk some more. You decide to try to find your item yourself. You can't. You walk some more. You toy with the idea of just leaving, but you have now invested 30 minutes into this errand.

You are quite pleased with yourself when you finally manage to flag down one of those orange vests - even if he is going on break and a bit pissy at having to stop - and ask him where asbestos testing kits might be located.
You are the recipient of a condescending laugh and then told that very few houses have asbestos. That most asbestos was removed years ago. That testing kits just wouldn't sell.

Oh, really?

I actually think this was the same orange vest that instructed me last year to replace my windows with vinyl windows when I asked if they carried rope for double hung windows. One of mine had broke.

Why do I keep going? I guess hope springs eternal.

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