Wednesday, December 29, 2004

A Day of Shopping

Spent yesterday on house stuff. My first stop was a local lighting store. I had been to this place before enroute to a huge antique store that used to housed in the basement. I had spoken to the owner briefly and they told me they could replicate any older style lamp or repair vintage lights. So, when I finally decided to replace my hideous fake stained glass hallway light, I decided this might be a good place to look.

Lightworks Lighting The store carries a fairly large selection of restored vintage lights and shades. When I described to the owner what I was looking for this time (I have an old glass shade that I bought at an estate sale and need a center fitter), she brought out a bunch of lamp parts and samples of finishes. I was able to piece together the lamp I wanted piece by piece...down to the finial. It will take 2 weeks to pull together and they make it on site. Pricewise, the end product is similar to Rejuvenation, etc......but I had a hand in creating it. Fun!

On the way home from my sucessful light venture, I stopped in the local dumpy salvage store. The help (using the term loosly) there is surly, but occassionally there is a deal to be found there. Down one dark aisle and piled below some type of marble countertop....I spotted a free standing cabinet that closely matches those in my 1924 kitchen. Birch or maple, I think. It was small...two cabinet doors & 2 drawers. I have been looking for an extra storage solution. Anyone who has seen my kitchen knows the urgency of my storage crisis. The cabinet had been ripped out as the sides were not finished....and the top was hardware. "Dingy" would be kind. For this they wanted $175. Yikes.

There is a sale on Thurs that will discount things 50%...but even at $85, I think it is overpriced. It would take a lot of work to even look presentable. Sad, because it really would look cute in my kitchen...assuming I could figure out a way to finish it off. Oh well, may keep an eye on it and see if it gets marked down even more. What fun would it be if there was no challenge?

Finally I stopped at Franks Plumbing. They carry vintage bathroom fixtures. When in the neighborhood I always like to stop and see what they have. They aren't cheap, but they know their stuff. Saw a nice bathroom pedestal sink for my bathroom. Will have to keep it in mind. As an added bonus, the guy working was able to tell me what those little holes are under my kitchen wall sink (my theory was sink legs or a towel holder). Alas, they were to add additional wall braces. I also asked him if he knew anyone that refinished old stoves locally (my ongoing quest/saga/holy grail). He gave me the name of a place down the street. I didn't have time to stop, but will call them later.

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